UAE Working Visa for Bangladeshi – Dubai Visa 2018 – 2019

VISA For Dubai

Those who want to go to work in the UAE and waiting for a long time. All of those people’s common question is, when will the Dubai visa be opened or will the Arab Emirates’s new labor visa be introduced? Good news for them. Finally, the speculation and the opening of the United Arab Emirates visa doors for Bangladeshi workers after a long 6-year ban was opened. On April 16, 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding between Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates was signed in Dubai. You will get all type of international jobs and abroad work visa information from site.

Dubai visa for bangladeshi

In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding, the United Arab Emirates will take workers’ employment in 19 categories from Bangladesh. Saif Ahmed Al-Suyidi, Under Secretary of the Human Resources and Emirates Ministry for the United Arab Emirates.

Honorable Secretary of the Ministry of Overseas Employment and Foreign Employment Dr. Namita Halder signed Memorandum of Understanding for Bangladesh.

The delegation of the United Arab Emirates’s Human Resources and Emiratisation Ministry, Nasser Al Hamli, was also present. With effect from signing the Memorandum of Understanding on April 16, it became effective from that day.


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Bangladesh visa open in uae

Both countries have agreed to ensure the entry and employment of Bangladeshi ordinary workers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates will help protect the rights of Bangladeshi workers according to their laws and regulations.

In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding, detailed procedure for recruitment of work visa to 19 categories of Bangladesh. The responsibility of Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates, the recruitment agency, the rights of workers, the facilities, the duties and responsibilities of the employer or the person, the provision of the employment agreement.

Memorandum is mentioned in the memorandum. As a result, the goal of a safe, disciplined and responsible labor migration was effected in 2017.

In the United Arab Emirates, the Memorandum of Understanding is signed. Under the Memorandum of Understanding, the workplace opened for Dubai on a work visa. There was no bar on the Dubai Visa Visa or work visa in the United Arab Emirates.

But here one thing needs to be made clear that people from low-income people will be taken first from the Arab Emirates and in future, they will be taken to large-scale workers in different institutions.

In the first phase, the government of the United Arab Emirates will take short-scale women and men domestic workers, doctors, and engineers. Besides, those who are currently working in Dubai or in other cities of the UAE, can get their work permit or Ikamah.


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Bangladeshi workers’ labor market and Dubai visa 2019

The Arab Emirates’s new visa door opened

According to the Ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, in the year 2006, there were 1,30,204 people working in the UAE. In 2007, there were 2,26,392 people, 4,19,355 in 2008, 2,538,348 in 2009, 2,03,308 in 2010, 2,823,739 in 2011, In 2012, 2,15,452 Bangladeshi migrants went to the UAE.

But since the Dubai visa has been closed, only 32,000 workers have gone to UAE for the UAE Work Visa from last year till 2013. But the new visa was opened when the new visa was opened, the Nari Housing worker and the cleanliness worker’s visa.

As a result, during the last 6 years, 73 thousand 534 women workers went to the Emirates. Currently, there are about one lakh women workers in various parts of the UAE including Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates will take worker in 19 categories

1) Cook 2) Householder 3) Gardner 4) Private Coach 5) Housekeeper 6) House Hold Housing Group 7) Private Pro 8 Private 9) House Hold Shepherd 10) Family Shepherd, 11) Housemate, 12) Private Sailor 13) Watchman and Security Guard 14) Domestic Labor 15) Parking Vault Workers 16) House Falcon Caretaker and Trainer 17) Babysitter 18) Private Nurses 19) Eng Linear

Emirate’s work visa will be required to get a validity certificate – Emirate’s Worker Visa

Dubai visa requirements

To get work visas in the United Arab Emirates, the new rules will allow foreign workers working for visa applicants. Due to this, the visa application should be submitted at the time of application.

Every worker, who is expecting a Worker Visa in the UAE, has to submit to a visa application with his own educational institution or from previous work or from his country, with a valid certificate. The Sanday Visa / UAE visa applicant has had a good deal of the past five years. For the sake of security, the UAE government has introduced this rule since 4 February 2018. However, this type of certificate will not be required for medical, travel or mission visas.

Dubai visa fees

Dubai Visa 2019 – Stay away from the broker

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