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Step by step Guide for how to go South Korea by EPS topik visa – Korea Lottery Application Running-

BOESL korean lottery for Bangladesh 2019. Find out how to go to South Korea with a legitimate work visa and earn an income of 2 lakh Taka per month by the BOESL EPS topik visa. In Bangladesh, You need to help any agency and spend 5/6 lack taka for going to work visa. Without spend time and money behind any agency to go abroad work visa from Bangladesh its seems unrealistic but only possible if you get South Korea lottery 2019 through BOESL Bangladesh and hrd Korea. BOESL BD provide the details for those who want to go to Korea at a low cost for a work permit ofor Korea Lottery Visa 2019. Read the full text and then you will be know the details of Korean lottery for Bangladesh 2019. Planet Bangla Jobs daily update the notice of BOESL BD and HRD Korea from getting the information from official website WWW.BOESL.ORG.BD, WWW.BOESL.GOV.BD and WWW.EPS.GO.KR

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BOESL EPS Topik Korea Lottery 2019 Step by step Process

What is the BOESL EPS Topik Korea Lottery & EPS Topik visa?


EPS or Employment Permit System Visa, because the Ministry of Labor’s Ministry of Labor has continued the visa program for taking inefficient labor from different countries through the HRD branch. Under the EPS system, the contract between the government of Bangladesh and the government of Korea was signed in 2007.

As a result, the Korean government has been taking unskilled workers from Bangladesh every year since 2008 by South Korea lottery. According to the agreement, the Korea government takes about two to three thousand workers every year from Bangladesh.

Under the EPS system, the government of Korea every year to take indecent labor from 15 countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam) Online circulars are available.

It is to be noted that only Bangladesh Overseas and Employment Services Limited or BOESL can send Manpower to Korea in EPS visa through a specific process from Bangladesh. No other organization or brokerage cycle can be sent to South Korea in any way.

Korean Language Institute Dhaka

Korean Language Institute Dhaka

boesl notice board korea : boesl bd


If you want to officially go to Korea on a work visa of 80,000 to 1 lakh 20 thousand taka, then you have to follow the following steps gradually. If you can finish the step by step of these methods, you can go to work-office only in South Korea.
1) Korea Visas Online Registration Circulation
2. Online application on the day after the circular has been published
3) Korea Lottery Result Announcement as per the quoted quota by lottery for the online application
4) Registration of the winner of the Korea Lottery with the fees set by Bangladesh Overseas Limited Boisel.
5) The registration of the applicants in Korea registered for registration will be done.
6) Examine the physical skills of the passers-by in language examinations
Language test and proficiency test results announced.

7) Job roster with HRD Korea, who passed the examination
8) Job offers from Jobcentre companies included in Job Rosters
9) To participate in 4/5 day training from Bangladesh Korea Institute of Technical Education
10) Must take part in medical tests through Boiseel
11) To withdraw one lakh rupees in the account of Boisel as a refundable deposit of 1 lakh rupees, bank drafts should be done.
12) On the scheduled day, traveling to Korea by plane to Korea


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South Korea Lottery 2019- The way to get South Korea work permit visa

Eps visa application eligibility – hrd korea

    • Candidates must be between 18 and 39 years of age
    • A person who never had a prison sentence or more punishable in life
    • The Bangladesh government has no restrictions on those who travel abroad
    • VISA / CCI not been registered by Korean immigration for moving to Korea under EPS
    • Earlier South Korea did not live illegally or was not sent back from Korea
    • In the case of South Korea earlier, there is no fines or penalties for any kind of prison
    • Previously, South Korea did not have more than five years in the 9/10 visa
    • People who have no color problem or color blindness
    • And of course, machine-readable must be Bangladeshi passport holder.

EPS TOPIK South Korea Visa Application Process: boesl registration 2019

New rules have been introduced from the EPS system this year so that recruitment point system based tests and results will be published. The main objective of this process is not only the skills of the Korean language but also the physical ability to evaluate the technical skills, competence and experience of the overall recruiting system.

On the recruitment point system, the number of probably selected candidates will be selected on the basis of higher numbers by adding the first and second round exams, from the candidates who passed the first round examination of the second round test (Skills Test, Competition Test).

EPS and BOESL offer advertisements for the registrations of Korean language examinations registered on their website www.boesl.org.bd and online registration of South Korea jobs in various newspapers of Bangladesh.

After publication of this advertisement, candidates can register online at BOESL (www.boesl.org.bd) or EPS (eps.boesl.org.bd) with their passport number and other information. You do not have to spend any money to apply. If you want yourself or anyone on your computer can register yourself. At the end of registration, you will give a confirmation form that will keep printing.


Bangladesh oversige and Employment Limited BOESL has announced for there new website. From Now old website WWW.BOESL.ORG.BD not work. BOESL new website is WWW.BOESL.GOV.BD . SO request to all of you to get any information from BOESL Bangladesh go to New website at WWW.BOESL.GOV.BD

Lottery and Korean Language Examination Registration:

In the last year, there has been a lot of registration against the demand. For this reason, the applicants will pass the number of potential candidates (maximum 8400) based on the number of passports number through a computerized system, based on the high number of the lottery.

Those who will be selected for the final registration in the EPS-TOPIC CBT examination or participating in the language exams.

If you are a winner in the Korean Lottery, then you will have to complete the registration in the BOESL office on the designated day, with the passport size photograph of your passport and the back of the white background for the registration of the EPS-TOPIC CBT exam. To get an order pay-order and an Admit card to be collected.

First Round Test (Korean Language Proficiency Test – EPS-TOPIC CBT)

CBT – Computer Base Test, a computerized test system that requires reading and listening to the computer in front of the reading. There is a total of 100 marks in 50 minutes so that there are 20 questions for reading and reading, and 20 questions will be asked for listening, which you can hear an answer.

Between the number 100 and more than 44 number of candidates who have been selected from the number of quotas. Examination results are published on the website and BOESL’s notice board. In this examination, the candidates of the last candidates will be considered for the next two years as the result of the publication.

Second Round Test (Skills Test and Competition Test)

After passing the language test, you will have to take part in the Skills Test and Competition Tests. Usually, the physical ability and prudence of the candidate are examined in the Skill Test.

And for this year’s competitive exams, the certification documents will be submitted as certifying documents, certificate of job experience certification certificate, vocational training (original certificate), educational qualification (original certificate), national certificate photocopy etc.

Announced the List of the winners

The final candidates will be selected based on the higher number by adding the number obtained in the first and second round exams. The selected candidate will then have to complete the job offer form.

When completing a Job Offer Form, you need to know the job category well and then fill in the order of the category that you want to work in. If everything is okay then you will be included in Job Roster. But one thing to remember here is that the jobs included in the rosters mean that the Korean job is not final.

Waiting and finally getting the dream job in Korea

After being included in Job Rosters, you will have an account on EPS Web site. You can check with your ID password. Then wait for the turn, if you like Korean company you will get their invoice through BOESL in your e-mail and EPS account.

Then your work will be pay-order for a medical checkup and medical tickle training. Then one-week training will be done from the Bangladesh-Korea Technical Training Center for work and on Korean culture. Then, according to the date mentioned by your employer, you will get the plane ticket and sit on the plane with your luggage, luggage, on a particular day.

Dreams to enter Korea

After you reach in Korea, you will face in the final medical checkup. However, after entering Korea, if your drug testing can be positive then Korean emigration return you back to your country.

After all process complete there will be two days of training from the company and the use of Korean ritual law. Then join the work and earn the $ for next month.

Caution and some unknown words in South Korea

Before applying to Korean Work Visa, you should keep in mind that you are going to Korea on a worker visa. And you can not get a job in Korea on this visa. You have to work with local or any other country’s workers and most of them are in the factories.

So if you want to go to South Korea and you want to register for the Korea Circular, you have to prepare this kind of physical and mental work. BOESL and the Korean government supervise and control the entire work of the Korean EPS visa.

So do not calm down the family or yourself by any broker or BOESL will not charge any money other than the payment order. Before going further, the Korean law will study a little about the culture. Because the police in the street where you can fine-tune your big-ticket offense for crime, there is the Korean police.


BOESL South Korea Registration Circular 2019

south korea lottery 2019 - eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 – eps.boesl.gov.bd


south korea lottery 2019 - eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 – eps.boesl.gov.bd


south korea lottery 2019 - eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 – eps.boesl.gov.bd


south korea lottery 2019 - eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 – eps.boesl.gov.bd


south korea lottery 2019 - eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 – eps.boesl.gov.bd


south korea lottery 2019 - eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 – eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 - eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 – eps.boesl.gov.bd


south korea lottery 2019 - eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 – eps.boesl.gov.bd


south korea lottery 2019 - eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 – eps.boesl.gov.bd


south korea lottery 2019 - eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 – eps.boesl.gov.bd



south korea lottery 2019 - eps.boesl.gov.bd

south korea lottery 2019 – eps.boesl.gov.bd

eps-topik cbt primary registration form

Start Your Korea Registration

Korea Registration 2019

BOESL Official Link – www.eps.boesl.org.bd


Registration From Here



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